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SI Archives


SI Meetings


Africa Committee

Supporting peace, democracy and solidarity in the Sahel

17-18 March 2013

SI Africa Committee meets in Praia

30-31 July 2012

Meeting of the Committee in Windhoek, Namibia

29-30 July 2011

From a time of crisis to a new era of inclusive partnership: SI Africa Committee
meets in Dakar

19-20 June 2009

The SI Africa Committee meets in Abidjan

14-15 June 2008

GHANA MEETING of the SI Africa Committee

15-16 June 2007

Dakar was the venue of the SI Africa Committee

12-13 July 2004

Benin meeting of the Socialist International Africa Committee

15-16 September 2003

First meeting of the SI in Angola

26-27 July 2002

Meeting of the SI Africa Committee, Niamey, Niger

01-02 June 2001

Meeting of the Socialist International Africa Committee, Maputo,

03-04 September 1999

Meeting of the Socialist International Africa Committee, Bamako, Mali

29-30 March 1999

Meeting of the Socialist International Africa Committee, Dakar, Senegal

25-26 July 1997



XXIV Congress of the Socialist International, Cape Town
For a new internationalism and a new culture of solidarity

30 August-01 September 2012


Council meetings in Africa

Johannesburg Council - The Progressive Agenda

15-16 November 2004

Casablanca Council - Peace, Security, Development

31 May-01 June 2002

Maputo Council - The Way Forward for Africa

10-11 November 2000


SWS Commission meetings in Africa

Making the case for meaningful agreements at COP17

07-09 December 2011

SI Commission and environment ministers set priorities and
targets for Durban

30-31 October 2011

Africa and climate change at top of agenda for SWS Commission

02 March 2009

World Social Forum

Socialist International reaffirms its solidarity with Africa at the

21 January 2006

Africa by Country


Cameroon: electoral code does not address democratic concerns

29 May 2012

Cameroon: in search of true democracy

20 October 2011

SI delegation in Cameroon calls for free and fair elections

09-10 August 2011

Central African Republic

Elections in Central African Republic


12 February 2011 

Cote d'Ivoire

SI Presidium addresses situation in Côte d'Ivoire

19 March 2011

Declaration on Côte d'Ivoire

22 December 2010 

Eastern Congo

Socialist International deeply concerned about situation
in eastern Congo

01 November 2008


Egypt - The unfinished democratic agenda

21 December 2012

SI supports Tahrir Square demands for civilian rule

23 November 2011

Egypt: a new democratic future

14 February 2011

For a new course in Egypt

29 January 2011

Equatorial Guinea

Repression of opposition protest in Equatorial Guinea is condemned
by the SI

25 June 2013

Opposition parties denounce persecution of Guineans by Obiang

16 May 2011

Guinea Ecuatorial:
Internacional Socialista reclama un verdadero

13 de mayo de 2008 

Socialist International condemns the sentencing in Equatorial Guinea
of Plácido Micó, Secretary General of the Convergence for Social
Democracy, CPDS

10 June 2002



SI mourns President Atta Mills

25 July 2012

Socialist International congratulates Mills on presidential victory,
praises Ghana’s democracy

05 January 2009


Attack on President Condé an assault on democracy

19 July 2011

Statement on the situation in Guinea

30 September 2009

Socialist International condemns the violent repression of
demonstrations in Guinea

23 January 2007



Socialist International strongly condemns assassination of
President Vieira in Guinea-Bissau

02 March 2009



SI in Mali with Keita for crucial elections

13 August 2013

In support of peace and democracy in the Sahel region

16 January 2013

SI condemns attack on democracy in Mali

22 March 2012



Mauritania: the need for democracy

30 May 2012

Socialist International condemns coup in Mauritania and calls for
the restoration of democratic rule

07 august 2008



Meeting of the Committee in Windhoek, Namibia

29-30 July 2011


SI condemns military coup in Niger

19 February 2010


Socialist International greatly concerned over situation in Senegal

29 January 2007

Defending and preserving a democratic heritage

South Sudan

Birth of world’s newest nation must bring new era of peace

11 July 2011



SI calls for end of violence in Sudan ahead of the establishment of
Africa's 54th new nation

27 June 2011


SI decision on Tunisia

17 January 2011

Statement on Tunisia

13 January 2011


Socialist International denounces government sponsored violence
in Zimbabwe

24 June 2008

Zimbabwe in the balance

10 April 2008


SI calls for urgent action against famine

22 July 2011